Miidera Temple Scouting

Today I made a quick trip to Miidera Temple (三井寺), also known as Onjoji Temple (園城寺), to scout a favorite scene of mine. Miiidera Temple is located right in Otsu next to the Biwako Canal, and pretty much in my backyard. Itʻs not often that I visit the temple summer so mainly I just wanted to have a look around and scout some shots for next time.

It was so hot today that even the shady temple grounds offered no respite from the summer heat and humidity. Japanese summers are getting hotter and hotter with each passing year. This week the high temps are above average everyday at 35-37 degrees Celsius, which is 3 to 5 degrees above average. Combine that with the humidity and you have to really take care not to come down with heat exhaustion. With the heat in mind and the fact that Iʻm still getting over some longer lasting effects of pneumonia I decided to go light and just bring my d7000 and a 35mm lens.

The temple was nearly deserted since the COVID-19 pandemic is still raging. Itʻs surreal to experience these famous tourist attractions without the throngs of tourists, not that Iʻm really going to many of these places now anyway. Actually, Miidera is never truly packed with people since Shiga Prefecture is often overlooked and overshadowed by its neighbor, Kyoto. So it was just me, my camera, the temple, and cicadas singing their summer song.

So here is the shot for today. Iʻm hoping to get back next week with the big guns when Iʻll retake the image below and probably check out the Biwako Canal as well.

Mahalo for reading! See you next time. Donʻt forget to check out other images of Japan on my website gallery and/or follow me on Instagram!



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