Summer and Autumn Mix

September around my local area is an interesting month. Cherry tree leaves start turning yellow and brown, occasional patches of maple leaves take on a vibrant red, and the vivd green of gingko trees start slowly fading towards greenish-yellow. For some reason the season and its colors start early in my local park with some trees, like the Chinese Sweet Gum, showing off color until January. Since it rained a bit today I thought I'd head out with the camera for some photos.

The green of summer is still going strong of course, and the maple leaves never fail to impress. For this shot (above) I decided to use a telephoto lens and a shallow depth of field to get that dreamy effect that I like with leaves so much. I have no idea if I pressed a wrong button on my camera or if something else happened, but this photo came out with different dimensions than a regular photo. I cannot for the life of me figure out how this happened, and since the photos just before and after this turned out normal, I'm even more at a loss. Whatever happened was meant to be and this image ended up being my absolute favorite. Let's say it was destiny.

A hop, skip, and a jump away is a trail system that interlaces the hills and mountains behind my home. Some of the trails lead to Miidera Temple, some to Yamashina in Kyoto Prefecture, and one leads to Kyoto City proper. The forest is mostly comprised of Sugi (Japanese Cedar) with deciduous trees becoming more common at the tops of the hills. There is also a large(ish) population of inoshishi (wild boar) in the forests around Otsu which makes me a bit paranoid. I half expect that at any moment some hell bent pig is going to come charging at me when there is no good tree to climb. As a matter of fact, there is a little piggy trail coming out from between the two closest trees on the right side of the trail in the photo. The other menace in these woods are mosquitoes, so a prodigious amount of repellent is required along with frequent reapplications. Anyway, it's a nice place to have a walk and take some photos.

Some Cherry tree leaves (above) turn yellow and brown in September, later on in the autumn season the remaining leaves become a rusty orangey red color. I thought this leaf (above) was interesting with half of the leaf being brown and the other yellow.

Thanks for reading. Hopefully I can get another blog entry in this weekend or early next week, and I can get to some different areas besides my local park.



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